Feb 03 2005

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One month ago

Well, it has been one month since I ended my Walt Disney World College Program. I am still at the Emporium on Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom as a seasonal (CT) Cast Member. I am waiting out a skill-code (transfer list) for a full-time roll in merchandise at MouseGear, Emporium, FutureWorld East, and Main Street East. Still waiting on it but, all sources are telling me I should know by March 1. So until then, I’ll be happy where I am and lucky that I am getting full-time hours.

I still see one of my roommates from the College Program from time to time and another is moving down in a few more days. It’s funny. I like where I am now (More Pay and Better Living Place) but, part of me wants to still be a CP just to live so close and enjoy the perks of being right there on property. Oh well, I need to head to bed since I work at 10. Just reflecting

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