Jun 22 2005

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I have just gotten home from one of the worst days of the month. My shift started off just fine but, I had several really heavy runs. Like, I’m not talking about weight. I am talking about two or three huge bins worth of packages (READ: 80-100+ items). I can handle that though and even got us caught up on logging while I was at it. The trouble started with some massive rain storms that delayed the runs and then towards the end of the night and my turn at Package Pickup, it was nothing but problems. Package after package was either missing, not picked up, or was missing items. I have never offered so much free popcorn, soda or Comp Shipping. Then, to top it off, when my line gets out the door, my fellow cast members decide it is funny not to come and help me. It wasn’t until they were done joking around that they realized I was serious about needing a hand when they could hear the people yelling at me over package issues. I tell you, it amazes me over some of the people that I work with. GUESTS come first people, NOT your afterwork plans. Oh well, it is over and I am now off for a day.

I am off to bed but I do have a nice day planned of getting things done around home like cleaning and laundry and then meeting up with some friends when they get out of work later in the day. I can’t wait. It will be a blast tomorrow. Sorry for the negative post. I hate doing it but I needed to vent. Sorry to all those that keep wondering where I am. I am working or in meetings. That’s the best I can say really. I use my days off to get stuff done for my career or around the house. Catch you all in the next update.

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