Sep 07 2005

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Guest Relations is a Negative Ghost Writer

Well, I got the call today from Guest Relations. I did not get the role this time around. They gave me great feedback about what to work on for next time and it basically comes down to brushing up on my interview skills. They were impressed with my knowledge of the role and interest in professional growth but, with all that, I was a candidate that was sitting on the fence for them. Scott, the one who called me was honest and said I could have gotten had I been a little more enthusiastic for the panel. So where does this leave me? I’m still at Magic Kingdom Strollers for now. I’m ok with all of this but, I am working on a career path that will take me out of merchandise and in to operations now. Next week I will be meeting with a manager from Main Street Ops and plan on discussing the options that an operations role will bring. So who know. I do know that I will be watching JOBS for the next Guest Relations posting and working on my interview skills a little more for the next time.

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