Oct 13 2005

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I’m Off to Disneyland

Well folks, I am officially done in Magic Kingdom Strollers! I start in Main Street Operations at the Magic Kingdom on Tuesday. So what am I doing until then? Well, I AM GOING TO DISNEYLAND! As soon as I wake up at the crack of dawn tomorrow, I will be taking my first vacation with friends and my first trip to California and Disneyland. I will be in the resort until Monday when I return in the evening. Rough plans are to hit up Disneyland Park on Friday and Saturday and then Disney’s California Adventure on Sunday. I also have some plans to visit some family while out there. Monday morning also leaves time for some last minute shopping or a quick trip in to one of the two parks if needed.

I also want to thank Clay with Magic Kingdom Guest Relations for setting up a special tour for Patrick and me on Saturday. Clay, you rock! Well, back to packing. If anyone needs to reach me, you can e-mail me or just call the mobile. Have a Magical Day.

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