Nov 06 2005

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A New Home

Well, I know I have been AWOL for a few days. I have a good reason though I promise. I have been busy packing and then unpacking since Andrew and I moved in to our new place on Friday. And through a 16+ hour work day yesterday, I am just exhausted! So I’ll start off about the new apartment. Andrew and I moved from an area of Orlando known as Metro West and back to the Lake Buena Vista Area. We are located just before Sea World on International Drive and close to where the Disney College Program housing is located. So, having said that, my new commute to work is 12 miles on one road lasting 15 minutes instead of a 23 mile commute lasting 30 minutes. Also, I now have my own bedroom back since our new place is a two bedroom/two bath apartment. It is so nice. It also helps when most your friends now live with in a two mile radius as well. Needless to say, I am happy to have moved. Lots of other issues in play with the move but, I wont go in to them on here.

Also on the theme of a new home, the reason I was working for 16+ hours yesterday was because I had the chance to work with Media Operations again (See Grad Night) and assist them with a few families from ABC’s Extreme Makeover:Home Edition. It was a group of 14 families that got a private night at WDW with a concert from Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. I can’t really go in to too much detail on the background but, watch the Holiday Special of the show sometime in December.

Well, I still have a few random piles around the apartment that I need to sort out and find a home for. Have a magical day!

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