Jan 09 2006

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New Years Update

This is a repost of what went out in an e-mail to friends and family:

It is that time of year when I get to send out my annual update on what I have been up to over the last 12 months. A lot has been going on for me in my life. In January, I finished my Walt Disney World College Program in the Emporium at the Magic Kingdom and moved in to a Full-Time role with the Walt Disney World Company working in Strollers merchandise at the Magic Kingdom. After working in Merchandise with the company for about a year and a half, I decided to take the next step towards what I hope will be a long-term career with the Walt Disney Company and moved to a role in Operations.

I am currently working with Main Street Operations at the Magic Kingdom. What do I actually do in Main Street Operations? Well, I get the fun and excitement of welcoming each and every one of our guests to the Most Magical Place on Earth while working at turnstiles. When I am not on the turnstiles, I am also trained as a conductor on the Walt Disney World Railroad and Parade Audience Control. I do a lot at the Magic Kingdom and I hope to expand that role in to a role in Guest Relations early next year.

When I was not working, which seems rare, I found time take my first real vacation of my own. Several of my friends and I made the trek out of where all the Disney Magic began 50 years ago to Disneyland. Needless to say, I have instantly fallen in love with Disneyland and it has quickly become one of my favorite, if not my number one, Disney Theme Park. Aside from a vacation, I also found time to participate as a cast choir member once again in the Candlelight Processional at Epcot for the Holidays Around the World Celebration.

Also, I am now settling in to a new apartment that I have with a college buddy of mine who also works at Disney with the Disney Vacation Club. We live exactly 12-minutes from the Magic Kingdom which makes for a nice commute to work. An added bonus is that most of our friends also live with in 5 miles of us. Saves a lot on gas being so close as well.

Well, I really don’t know what else I can update everyone on since I work all the time it seems. For those in Minnesota, I hope to come home sometime early next year or Spring time to visit. I haven’t forgotten about you!

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