Feb 09 2006

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A Day of Fun

Today was a nice fun day off. I met up with Roz and Cody this morning at Animal Kingdom to got looking for some of the new Cast Lanyard Pins. Came out with a few of the ones that I was looking for. For those that don’t know, I collect Figment and Peter Pan pins and the new Lanyard Pins have several Figment ones in them. While I was at Animal Kingdom, I was finally able to get the t-shirt I had been trying to track down. I had been looking for this particular shirt for several weeks. It’s just your simple brown t-shirt with red on the collar and sleeves with the Animal Kingdom Logo on the front in red felt. Looks great.

After DAK, we went over to look for more pins at the Disney-MGM Studios. Nothing major today but just a fun day with friends and walking around the parks. Oh, I almost forgot. While we were at Downtown Disney, I learned that Guest Relations will be posting again next month. I can’t wait. I’m going to try my best to do what it takes in the interview to get accepted this time.

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