Jan 12 2008

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A day around the house and a new dresser!

Well, today I enjoyed a much needed day to just relax around the house. The last several weeks have been pretty busy with travel, work and friends. Since my friend Adam moved back in to a place in Chatham Square (Disney CP Housing), I have gained most of my condo back and took the day to straighten things up.

Last week, I even had a chance to finally get that new dresser I have been eying for a while that goes with my bed and night stand. Unfortunately, IKEA doesn’t make it in the color I have the other pieces in anymore but I got a color that seems to fit in really well. Thank you to Aunt Nancy, Uncle Peter, Chris, and Hannah along with Adam who helped provide the IKEA gift cards that helped me purchase it. as you can see below, it fits perfectly in my room and gives me some much needed extra drawers to store my cloths in. Thank you as well to my friend Steven who helped me assemble it as well.

My New IKEA Dresser

Not much else new to report. Just enjoying my condo and doing my thing.

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