Mar 01 2008

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One Year Ago…

Well, it has hit the official one year mark for me being a home owner. It was one year ago today that Dad, Katie (my Realtor) and myself sat through two days worth of waiting to close on my condo. I moved in to my new condo this weekend a year ago and I still could not be happier. I finally feel all settled in and am just enjoying what I have. No longer am I worrying each month if my rent will go up or if the place I am living will be going condo. Over the last year I have learned a lot of about living. I now see myself watching everything I spend money on and ask, do I really need to do this or buy that. Every time I walk in the front door, I still think, “this is mine.” Really, I truly am lucky to have such a great home and community. I have been utilizing the gym in my complex and have worked hard to loose those few extra pounds. Sure beats going to an extra gym. Anyways, I’m off to go clean house and finish some laundry. Here’s to what I hope is a good number more years in my great condo.

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