Mar 22 2009

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Web 2.0 hits the blogs

So I have been looking back over my Google Reader feeds and have noticed how my site is not the only one that has been lacking in updates for a while. With the big push of social networking, it seems that mico-blog updates are becoming the norm these days. I know myself, I tend to post regular updates to my Twitter and Facebook accounts not only with my currnet status but also interesting articles/videos that I have read or watched on the net.

With the push of 3G and Smart-Phone mobile devices the on-the-go drive for updates only increases. I can’t say how many times I have pulled out my BlackBerry to post a picture or quick note about something on the fly via Twitter. President Obama showed in his campaign what the power of Twitter and Social Networking can do to orgainize people for a common cause. With Twitter and sites like Digg encouraging sharing and interacting, it just makes sense for getting people with common interests together.

So, if you aren’t on the Twitter or Facebook bandwaggon, check them out and feel free to follow me for even more updates.

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