Feb 13 2010

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Finally, a new post!

So here we are almost two months down of 2010 and I’m fianlly getting back to posting on here. Things have been pretty hectic for me the past few months with my return to Magic Kingdom® Guest Relations and then my return back to Ticketing last month. Lots of exciting new opportunities back at Ticketing which makes the future look bright.

Anyways, work aside, I am finally on a kick to get myself back in to shape. I took the time to join the YMCA Aquatic Center and have made it a goal to go every day after work. So far, two weeks down and I’ve done it every day! I’m starting off with a mix of gym, weights, abs/core classes and swimming laps. I didn’t realize how much I missed swimming and the water so it’s nice to be back in a routine and back at a Y. For those that are new to following me on here, I’ve worked at two YMCAs and was a lifeguard and swim instructor for close to 8 years.

Well, laundry is almost done and I can put the last bit of stuff in my suitcase for my trip tomorrow. Here’s to hoping it warms up and that the weather is nicer in the Bahamas!

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