May 16 2012

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Greetings from San Francisco!

San Francisco – Greetings once again from the Disney Wonder! I am sitting here in the Outlook Cafe overlooking San Francisco as the fog rolls in. It’s been a busy day thanks to my friend Jason who did a great job of taking me around town and covering so much. I got to ride on a cable car and street car around town and have been to the Golden Gate Bridge, The Castro District, and the Embarcadero just to name a few.

Back on the ship now to warm up since I have been on the go since 9 this morning. The weather is in the mid-60’s but the wind makes it much cooler. We are here until 23:30 tonight so there is always time to get back in to the city before sailing. That’s the update for now. Don’t think that I will be posting any more until after the voyage but that will depend on mobile service. Until then, here are a few fun pictures including the friend that joined me for breakfast this morning and wouldn’t leave.



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